Week 2 I did it

What a rush revising my PPN DMP! Made me look at things very different. Thank you masterkey


“Week 1 Dedrick Oliver.”

Im so appreciative for MKMMA class. I never heard anything like this before until a year 1/2 ago but not this thrill. I so happy im only 22 years of age and I got this valuable information. This week has been a very very challenging for me. I work two jobs and a step dad. When I heard Mark J information you he done it with three girls I know I can. I Had to learn how to do posts and read every night it was hard but I did it. I know im be a leader so I want to keep my commitments. I love I have a

mentor I can ask questions to and give me great feed back. I know its about to be a life changing experiences for me and im ready for the challenge.
Thank you